Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Arkansas Corvair Club met at our regular meeting place, US Pizza on McCain Park Drive, NLR, on Tuesday, April 22. The meeting was called to order by president Keith LaCrosse, with 24 members in attendence. The minutes from our March meeting were read and approved. Elvis King gave a financial report. We currently have $2,080.76 in our treasury.

Old Business

President Keith LaCrosse reminded everyone it is time to elect new slate of officers. He asked for new nominations from the floor, and there were none, Clyde Jones moved the nominations cease. The present officers were re-elected.

New Business

President Keith LaCrosse thanked Jerry & Donna Pentzer, for inviting the Ark Corvair Club to their annual anniversary party, and also thanked Clyde & Dee Jones for hosting their annual pot luck, roaring twenties party, and tea party for the ladies. A great time was had by all at both events.

Cathy Smith needs the digital logo file from Keith, before she can proceed. Joe Espejo suggested we order new hats & shirts. He will have more information at the next meeting.



Upcoming Events

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned
Dee Jones, Acting Secretary