Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Arkansas Corvair Club met at our regular meeting place, US Pizza on McCain Park Drive, NLR, on Tuesday, July 15, 2014 with 21 members in attendence The meeting was called to order by president, Keith LaCrosse. The minutes from our June meeting were read and approved. Elvis King gave a financial report showing we currently have $2,218.16 in our treasury. Minutes and Financial Report were approved as presented.

Old Business

Bill Smith reported on the 2015 Roundup Logo. It is ready with some slight changes in the color red. Bill also mentioned that the club needs a Contact Person for information contained in the advertisement to be placed on the back of the 2014 Roundup Brochure.
Todd Sanders reported that the Wyndham Hotel and the North Little Rock Visitors Bureau would furnish (free of charge) brochures to hand out at the 2014 Roundup in Branson. There may be a need for our club members to staff our publicity table at the 2014 event.
Keith indicated he plans to have a banner made to place near the table. He will personally cover the cost of the banner and will retain ownership of the banner after it�s use.
Betty Jackson offered to obtain AHTD Highway Maps to also give out at the event. Complete registration forms should be prepared as soon as possible for our 2015 event.

New Business

Ryan MacLeod drew for the 50/50 bucket. The winner was Clyde Jones.



Upcoming Events

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned
Mary Campbell, Acting Secretary