Meeting Minutes: January 20, 2015

The Arkansas Corvair Club met at our regular meeting place, US Pizza on McCain Park Drive, NLR, on Tuesday, January 20. We had 26 in attendance. We were glad to welcome new members D. Q. and Joan Perna from Mountain Home. The meeting was called to order by President Keith LaCrosse. The minutes from our November meeting were approved as read. Elvis King gave a financial report. We currently have $2,211.90 in our treasury. Elvis also announced that CORSA plans to assess each local club $35 yearly beginning in 2015.

Old Business

Keith gave a brief synopsis of the 2015 Rouondup Committee meeting held at the Wyndham Hotel in North Little Rock on Saturday, January 3. Bill Smith, publicity chairman, gave a report on his meeting with Scott Matson on Deceber 6, 2014, concerning a modified version of the logo for the back of the tee-shirts. Bill is working on our relgistraion sheet and needs charges for the vairous events. He will send an email to committee members for information. He said the details about the 2015 Great Plains Roundup will be listed on the CORSA webb site and on the calendar in the Comminique. Our club will also get two free ads in the Communique -- probably in the May and August issues.

New Business



Our next Roundup committee meeting will be on February 15, at the Faulkner County Libarary. Todd Sanders stated that we need to work on a budget for the roundup at the meeting.

Upcoming Events

Jerry and Donna Pentzer will host their anual anniversary party at their home in Ozark on Saturday, March 28, at noon.

J B King, Secretary