Meeting Minutes: October 20, 2015

The Arkansas Corvair Club met at our regular meeting place, US Pizza on McCain Park Drive, NLR, on Tuesday, October 20 with 25 in attendance. We were glad to welcome new member, Randy Bruce.

The meeting was called to order by president, Keith LaCrosse. The minutes from our September meeting were approved as read.

Elvis King gave a financial report. We currently have $5,761 in our treasury. This includes monies not yet dispersed for some of the expenses incurred for the Great Plains Round Up.

Old Business

A discussion was held concerning our success hosting the Great Plains Roundup. We are all pleased with the efficiency with which we conducted the event. We shared some of the compliments we received from attendees on the event and our city.

New Business

We discussed sending $500 of our profits from the GPRU to the Corvair Preservation Society. Clyde Jones made the motion and it was seconded and passed.


Nothing discussed.

Upcoming Events

Nothing discussed.

J B King, Secretary